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Snow Boots for Kids - Best Winter Boots for Kids | Kids’ Cheap Snow Boots Review

Canadian winters can be harsh on those tiny little feet, especially when kids play outside for hours on end. So it’s not surprising that Family Tested Winter Boots would be the gold standard in finding the best winter snow boots for kids.

The last thing any parent wants is your child returning home after a day of snow play with cold, sopping socks as well as the sniffles. Our team reviewed the top choices of families who scored winter boots for:
  • Insulating Ability
  • Waterproof or Water-resistance and
  • Moisture-Wicking (What's Moisture Wicking ? Simply the fabric's ability to draw perspiration away from the foot effectively acting as a barrier to encourage dryness and comfort)
Winter boots for children can be a difficult decision to come by, especially with so many style and colors to choose from.  Now before we go further it is important to realize that finding the best winter boots for children goes beyond simple style and comfort.

For instance, the rugged, harsh winters of the Canadian North or Chicago tri-fecta of sub-zero temperatures, heavy snow accumulation and significant ice and slush may be different from your typical winter weather. Before we decide on a cheap winter boot, be sure to consider your winter season protection needs for your child.

Check out our selection of the very best discount winter boots for children to keep those toes warm and dry.

#1. Kodiak GLO Lace Nautical Heavy Winter Weather Snow Boots


Price:   ($$) ~ $60 U.S.D.Sizes:  Toddler (size 4) to  Kids (size 3) U.S. Sizes

  • Temperature Rated:  -40 °C / -40 °F
  • WaterproofWaterproof to the stitch line of the shell
  • Material:   Waterproof quilted nylon and nubuck PU upper
  • Insulation:  Removable 6 mm wool / felt / polyester needle punched liner
  • Outer SoleThermoplastic Rubber Bottom
  • Traction:  Natural rubber tread; built-in toe protector and heel kicker
  • Closure:   Lock Laces;Adjustable collar; velcro strap & full bellows tongue
  • Colors:     Blue, Pink, Teal; Similar styles for boys & girls          

  •             Excellent:  Insulation,
  •             Average:  Traction, Moisture-Wicking, Not Waterproof beyond Rubber bottom

(4.0 star out of 5) Kodiak GLO Winter Snow boots provide excellent insulation perfect for the cold, dry winters with moderate snow fall. Waterproof extends to stitch line of the rubber bottom; Nylon Upper provides water-resistance but may leak with extensive wetness exposure. Average Traction and Moisture Wicking.

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Sorel Flurry TP
Sorel Flurry TP
Sorel Flurry TP
Sorel Flurry TP

Price:  ($$) ~ $50 USD

Sizes:  Childrens (10) to Youth (6) U.S. sizes


  • Temperature Rated-25°C
  • Waterproof: Waterproof / Wind resistant
  • Material:  Fabric Upper
  • Insulation:  Removable 6mm Thermaplus felt Inner Boot.                                 & 2.5mm bonded felt underfoot insulation
  • Outer Sole: Thermal Rubber, Multi-directional Lugs for grip
  • Traction:  Slip resistant natural rubber tread design; toe protector; heel kicker
  • Closure:  In-step straps are Gore + Velcro. Top Barrel Lock system
  • Moisutre-Wicking: Fabric Upper may leak with prolonged wetness exposure
  •             Excellent:  Insulation, Traction
  •             Average:  Moisture-Wicking, Not Waterproof beyond the Rubber bottom
  •             Fair: Waterproofness of Fabric Upper

(4.0 star out of 5)  Sorel Flurry TP Winter Snow Boots are functional and great for slippery and icy winters providing exceptional grip, traction and insulation.  The waterproof base effectively promotes dryness protection, however, moisture may leak through the fabric upper with prolonged wetness exposure. So don't wade in deep water puddles with these boots folks because they truly are snow boots not galoshes ! 

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#3. Cougar Winter Snow Boots for Kids

No stranger to the brutal winters of the Canadian North, Cougar delivers remarkable quality, reliability and innovation.  In addition to  6 month waterproof guarantee with normal use, Cougar is eliminating the footwear industry standard PVC plastic from rubber sole construction due to environmental and health concerns.

Cougar Matrix ($$$)  ~$80 USD

  • Waterproof, seam-sealed
  • Double hook-and-loop closures.
  • Padded tongue and collar for added comfort
  • Fabric lining to keep your feet dry and warm.
  • TPR outsole that's lightweight and flexible

Cougar Dagger ($$$$) ~$120 USD

  • Synthetic
  • Waterproof synthetic upper
  • Micronylex lining
  • Removable molded insoles
  • Bellows tongue to help keep out debris
  • 2 pairs of different colour laces included

Storm by Cougar Adele G ($$$) ~$90 USD

  • Water resistant upper
  • Rubber shell
  • Fax fur upper trim keeps snow out
  • Laces provide custom snug fit

Sizes: Childrens (9) to Youth (4) U.S. sizes

  • Temperature Rated: -20°C to -50°C
  • Moisture-Wicking:  Moderate absorption away from foot
  • Insulation: removable molded insole
  • Excellent:  Waterproofness, Insulation
  • Average:   Moisture-Wicking, Traction

Rating (4.5 star out of 5) As promised Cougar handles the winter weather with no fear.  A clear winner in terms of insulation and warmth retention, this slightly higher priced winter snow boot for kids is worth the investment especially with a 6-month Waterproof Guarantee with normal wear. It's far less expensive than other name brands who don't stand up to the same harsh winter conditions.  Grip and moisture-wicking performance fare well in comparison to other brands. For harsh rugged winter protection, you can't go wrong with this winter snow boot for kids.

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Bogs Classic
Flower Stripe
Bogs Classic
Bogs Classic
Sweet Pea

#4. Bogs Kids Classic/High Winter Snow Boots

Price: ($$$) $85 USD

Sizes: Toddler's (size 7) to 
           Youth ( size 6) U.S. sizes
Bogs Classic High
Bogs Classic High
Paint Splat


  •     Temperature Rated:  -30 °C
  •     Waterproof:  100 %
  •     Material:  Neoprene Upper with rubber overlay;
  •     Insulation:  7 mm Neotech
  •     Outer Sole: Rubber Bottom, non-marking, self-clean
  •     Insole: Anti-microbial odour protection
  •     Traction:  Slip resistant natural rubber tread design                                                                                Built-in toe protector and heel kicker
  •     Closure:  No fuss pull-on boot handles

  •     Colors:   16 combined solid colors and patterns  
  •     Moisture-Wicking: multi-directional air circulating channels 

  •  Rating:
    •   Excellent:  Waterproof, Moisture-Wicking, Insulation
    •   Moderate:  Traction
    Bogs Classic High
    Mossy Oak Rain
    Rating (4.5 out of 5) So close to a 5 star rating !  Lucky for the trend setter, the Bogs Kids Classic  and Bogs Kids Classic High Winter Snow Boot certainly pass the mark with winter stress tests.  The Bogs Classic style is a modest height, while the Bogs Classic High are made for deep snow use. These delightfully decorated winter boots are sure show stoppers on the street. Ingenuity brought diving suit technology to footwear with the neoprene uppers providing 100% waterproofness. This in addition to multi-directional air channels keep your feet dry and very comfortable in the harshest of winter conditions. Doubling as galoshes in rainy weather, these boots came the closest to a five star rating, except for the unusual grip on these boots which leaves some room for improvement in the traction area.

    #5. Lands' End Kids Snow Flurry Winter Snow Boots

    Price: ($$) <$60
    Sizes: Toddler's (size 9) to Youth ( size 7) U.S. sizes


  • Temperature Rated:  -30 °C
  • Waterproof:  water resistant, man-made upper
  • Material:  man-made, spot clean
  • Insulation:  200g thermolite. Added underfoot insulation
  • Outer Sole:  Rubber Bottom, non-marking, self-clean
  • Traction:  Slip resistant natural rubber tread; toe protector; heel kicker
  • Closure:  Rip Grip Side Closures with Open-WIDE slip-on design

  • Colors:  9 colors: similar style for boys and girls.  
  • Moisture-Wicking: antimicrobial finish reduces foot odor.

  • Rating:
    • Excellent:  Waterproof Neoprene Upper, Moisture-Wicking, Insulation
    • Moderate:  Traction
    Rating (3 star out of 5) No marks taken away for reputation as Lands' End is well known for quality.  Although we believe these winter snow boots are designed for modest winter weather.  These boots are thoughtfully designed with interior name labels and reflective safety tape; however, their WIDE slip-on design and velcro-wing closure do not compensate for their short height and non-conforming shape which may leave room for snow to leak in during deep snow play. Folks, winter boots are very much a decision based on location, location, location ! At an affordable price, these quality boots will certainly outlast your child and can be passed down to a sibling.

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